Friday, May 28, 2010


I haven't posted in FOREVER!! That reason is because we are moving so I haven't been stocking up on my food storage. We are trying to eat a lot of the perishable items from my fridge and freezer before we go. We're not just moving across town. We're moving out of state!!
I'm so excited to get out of California and move to a state where I will be able to have more storage for my family. I will most likely have some type of basement where we're going and have some type of storage room with lots of shelves!! I cannot wait to get settled into our new home! I also can't wait to show all my readers all the fun new places I'm going to have to store my stockpile!1 Woo hoo!! So kep checking back because soon I'll be settled in my new home with lots of pictures to share!

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